Alien Verdants

Alien Verdants


HostArt Bell


Former Los Angeles Times journalist Phillip H. Krapf shared his story of contact with an extraterrestrial race he called the "Verdants,” who he said came from a distant star system and hovered behind the moon for three days while the ETs on board taught him about universal consciousness—and instructed him to write a book to tell the world.

Krapf read a letter he wrote about the ETs that have contacted him that claims they will leave the Earth after a nuclear war is started between Pakistan and India.

The Amazing Kreskin joined Art in the first half hour to describe a predicted UFO sighting in Las Vegas and later admitted that he was trying to create the sighting by mass suggestion, which angered Art and led him to ban Kreskin from the show permanently.

The remainder of the program was taken up by Open Lines, which included a discussion of Art's style as a host, and his praise for George Noory as a host of the show.

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