Ancient Asteroid Impact

Ancient Asteroid Impact


HostArt Bell

John Cogan, author of "The New Order of Man's History,” joined Art in hours 2-4. He is a jet pilot, lawyer, businessman and paleo-historian who researched many scientific disciplines in order to assemble a comprehensive history of humanity. Cogan spoke about a major asteroid impact in America that took place 500,000 years ago. He said there were at least 20 million people living on the Earth at that time, and after the asteroid, humanity came back with four civilizations about 5000 years ago.

Cogan offered cultural evidence to support his claims. The Mayan legend of the feathered serpent, he said, refers to this asteroid impact, and the biblical story of Noah points to it as well. He went on to say he believes that this cataclysmic event will become more accepted by mainstream academia.

The first hour featured News and Open Lines, with Art suggesting that the wild fires and heat waves the western United States was experiencing were a warning for humanity to change its ways or find another habitable planet.

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