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Antichrist Open Lines

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Date Host Art Bell

In this special program, Art debuted Antichrist Open Lines for those who contend that they themselves are the Antichrist. The first Antichrist to get through is Nicholas from Kentucky. He tells a story of his mother dying in a car accident and after learning of her background, strange events began to happen to him, including healing people. He says a '666' scar is on one of his bones. At one point Art quips, "I don’t care if you’re the Antichrist, but if you don’t turn down your radio, you’re out of here." He plays the famous “sounds from hell” in hour 3. The last hour was reserved for would-be female Antichrists.

During the first hour, Art talks about political news of the day, including the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal, as well as the Mir space station, the Phil Hartman murder, Y2K, a Russian bomb said to cause an earthquake, and weird weather.

Last Night

Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel discussed official investigations into UFO activity conducted by the United States Air Force under Project Blue Book. Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program.

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