Conservative Agenda

Conservative Agenda


HostArt Bell

Art was joined in the first hour by (then) ambassador and presidential candidate Alan Keyes. An American conservative political activist and doctoral graduate of Harvard University, Keyes served as Ronald Reagan's Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs. He discussed a number of then-current topics from his particular conservative viewpoint, including abortion, which he called "real moral crisis facing this country."

Keyes also described his objective to create a grass-roots conservative movement behind his presidential bid, of which this was his first. He also expressed his disagreement with the concept of affirmative action, and shared his views on Bosnia, the drug war, among other issues.

In the Open Lines that followed, two listeners, inspired by the points Keyes raised, argued both sides of the subject of affirmative action. "Charlie the Liberal" and the more conservative listener "DJ" engaged in a spirited conversation which lasted for about 15 minutes, with Art refereeing their debate. Other topics callers visited included a recent mass shooting, as well as the ATF raid on the Branch Davidians.