Exploring OBEs

Exploring OBEs


HostArt Bell

Author Albert Taylor joined Art in hours 2-5 to talk about out-of-body experiences (OBEs). He revealed that OBEs are always positive, and the only "hell" he experiences is in this physical world. During one OBE, Taylor saw everything he could possibly want to know, and suddenly realized who and what he truly was and why he came here to experience his life.

Taylor said "Earth life" is a school – it's here to help the individual evolve. He added that there is a lower plane of existence, but did not call it "hell." It is actually a place to reevaluate your past life on Earth. He also mentioned his work in the military, and revealed that the U.S. had a particle beam satellite weapon.

In the first hour, a caller tells Art that he is being haunted at his workplace – a machine shop – where he is often pushed from behind by an invisible force – he even sees weird things on his computer monitor that are not there. He said he was quitting the job that night and suddenly the force became violent. Art suggested that this entity might not want him to leave.