Investigating Gulf War Syndrome

Investigating Gulf War Syndrome


HostArt Bell

Joyce Riley was a registered nurse, a Director of Nursing of four medical institutions, and a heart, lung, liver and kidney transplant nurse. She also served as a Captain in the USAF in support of Operation Desert Storm, flying active duty missions on a C-130 aircraft from Alaska to Cuba. Her experience as a medical-legal testifying expert in medical malpractice trials gave her the background to investigate the truth about Gulf War illness. In the first three hours, she described her work as an advocate for veterans and citizens experimented upon by the government.

Riley reveals a document that shows the US government has a right to experiment on the population with only a 30-day notice to authorities. Gulf War Syndrome was officially recognized by the US Department of Veterans Affairs in 2008, a full 12 years after this interview.

The last two hours featured news and Open Lines, with such topics as the US government, FDA raids on naturopathic clinics, and colds and flu.

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