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UFOs & Aliens Special

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Date Host Art Bell

Author Whitley Strieber is the main guest, appearing in hours 2-4. Whitley introduces the show's theme of aliens and UFOs, and the strange changes in the phenomenon. Joining in hour 2 is (the late) Dr. Roger Leir, known for removing alien implants. Leir reacts to a recent crop circle depicting an alien Grey, noting that researchers have said the binary code in the glyph translates to something like "don't be fooled." He discusses the 1996 Varginha, Brazil case (called 'Brazil's Roswell') in which numerous witnesses saw a small alien-like creature with oily skin, a big head with ridges, and eyes that were large and red with no pupil.

Researcher Bill Hamilton joins the conservation to talk about the case of Dr. Dan Burisch, a Nevada doctor who says he worked at Area 51 and interacted with a live alien being, known as JROD. Linda Moulton Howe reports on an alleged ET exchange program and the Burisch claims.

During the first hour, Art covered news of the day, including the sniper in the Washington DC area, the aforementioned crop circle, and Shadow People, as well as presented Open Lines.


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