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Schedule for January 23, 2020 - January 30, 2020

Simulated Reality / Project Blue Book

Hosted by George Noory
Guest(s): Jim Elvidge, Paul Hynek

First Half: Author Jim Elvidge will discuss theories of a programmed reality in which we may be living in a giant simulation, as well as recent developments in cosmology, nanotech, and virtual reality gaming.

Second Half: Paul Hynek is a consultant for HISTORY’s series Project Blue Book, based on the investigation of UFOs from 1952 to 1969. The son of Dr. J. Allen Hynek, an astronomer who worked with the US Air Force on Blue Book, Paul will discuss his father's legacy.

Flat Earth Theory / Open Lines

Hosted by Richard Syrett
Guest(s): Rob Skiba

The subject of the Flat Earth is a "taboo" topic that’s trending high on Google and YouTube, but why? Flat Earth researcher, Rob Skiba joins Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss why this subject is not nearly as cut-and-dried as many would think and how many biblical passages suggest that the Earth is indeed flat. Followed by Open Lines in the latter half.

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Fall of Russia/ Time Travel Questions

Hosted by Richard Syrett
Guest(s): Richard Todd, Lon Gibby, Lee Emil Wanta

First half: Lee Wanta will discuss, along with filmmaker Lon Gibby how President Reagan brought about the fall of the Soviet Union and ended the Cold War without firing a shot.

Second half: Author Richard Todd will discuss the idea of time travel and if events of the past could be changed, and if they were, what would be the new outcome?

"Somewhere in Time" with Art Bell - Coast to Coast AM goes back in time to January 29, 2002, when Mel Waters, from Mel's Hole fame, returns to discuss the bottomless hole on his property that turned a sheep into an odd biological being with seal flippers and human eyes.

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Sedona Mysteries/ Animal Rights Activism

Hosted by George Knapp
Guest(s): Chris De Rose, Tom Dongo

First half: Tom Dongo joins George Knapp for a revealing conversation about his time investigating the strange flying craft, unexplained light anomalies, and otherworldly beings he encountered in Sedona, AZ.

Second half: Chris DeRose founded Last Chance for Animals (LCA), an international, nonprofit animal advocacy organization focused on investigating, exposing, and ending animal exploitation. Chris will discuss how he investigated and finally busted some of the most heartless and corrupt pet-theft rings in the nation and what happens on the front lines of the fight on behalf of animals.

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TBA/ Geoengineering Secrets

Hosted by George Noory
Guest(s): Dane Wigington

Second half: Researcher and activist Dane Wigington has been documenting disturbing changes in the environment called geoengineering. This includes various weather modification techniques including chemtrails and HAARP as well as GMO crops. He will discuss why he believes the fires in Australia are a result of geoengineering. First half guest, TBA.

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Forbidden Archaeology/ Joy Of Letting Go

Hosted by George Noory
Guest(s): Michael Cremo, Suzanne Falter

First half: On the cutting edge of science and culture issues, dissident intellectual, Michael Cremo, will discuss his continuing work in forbidden archaeology and human origins including artifacts and discoveries that don't fit into conventional timelines and theories of the academic and scientific communities.

Second half: Suzanne Falter is an author, speaker, blogger and podcaster who has published both fiction and non-fiction, as well as essays. She also speaks about self-care and the transformational healing of crisis.

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A.I. Dangers/ Hypnotic Communication

Hosted by George Noory
Guest(s): John Wood, James Schwartz

First half: John D. Wood, Esq. will discuss the dangers posed by the growing powers of artificial intelligence how to make a plan for the future where humans and machines can best complement one another to create an enterprise greater than the sum total of its parts which he calls the 'Humachine.'

Second half: Hypnotherapist James Schwartz will discuss how to use hypnosis to enhance communications with other realms.

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Solar Flare Defense/ Violent Poltergeist Case

Hosted by George Noory
Guest(s): Don Trumbull, Richard Estep, Bil Bungay

First half: Don Trumbull is an author and former airline president and director of operations. He will discuss electromagnetic (EM) pulse defense for individuals, communities, and emergency services.

Second half: Author and paranormal expert, Richard Estep will be joined by producer Bil Bungay to discuss The Black Monk of Pontefract, the world's most violent and relentless poltergeist.


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