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Schedule for October 21, 2018 - October 26, 2018

Sasquatch & Giants/ USS Indianapolis Disaster

Hosted by George Knapp
Guest(s): David Paulides, Lynn Vincent, Sara Vladic

First Half: After a nine-year hiatus from his last Bigfoot book, David Paulides returns to the Sasquatch topic. He joins George Knapp to share descriptions of wild men and skeletons of giants which date as far back as the 1600s.

Second Half: Authors Lynn Vincent and Sara Vladic will discuss how 300 men went down with the USS Indianapolis in 1945 after being struck by Japanese torpedoes.

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Quest for Immortality/ Ghost Theories

Hosted by George Noory
Guest(s): Peter Bebergal, Brandon Massullo

First Half: Peter Bebergal writes frequently on the intersection of popular culture, religion, and science, and will discuss how people have used technology in an effort to search for immortality including famous inventors, engineers, and seers.

Second Half: Clinical therapist and parapsychologist Brandon Massullo shares his new theories that might explain apparitions, hauntings, and communications from the dead along with the latest research on the role of energy and electricity in hauntings.

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Terrorist Bombing/ Secret Bases & Cursed Places

Hosted by George Noory
Guest(s): Samuel M. Katz, Fred Burton, Mack Maloney

First Half: Authorities on terrorism and security Fred Burton and Samuel M. Katz will discuss a deadly terrorist bombing at the American embassy in Lebanon in 1983 and the dramatic events following which ignited a war against terror that continues to shape the Middle East to this day.

Second Half: Writer Mack Maloney will update his research on secret bases around the world and finding evidence for UFOs, as well as his new work on cursed and haunted places around the planet.

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Secret Door Special

Hosted by George Noory
Guest(s): Carissa Rentaria

Who’s behind the secret door? George Noory will welcome surprise guests who will discuss a variety of topics. George will guess who each guest is based on their voice.

First-hour guest, practicing witch & host of Cosmic Optimism, Carissa Rentaria will share her higher perspective on why some adults and children are more susceptible to demonic attacks. She'll also discuss her uncrossing and reversal work done with spells to clear demons.

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Earthfiles Reports

Hosted by George Noory
Guest(s): Linda Moulton Howe, Jonathan Raskas

Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe will discuss 'Planet Nine' and the discovery of another strange dwarf planet nicknamed 'Goblin'; climate change; hieroglyphs depicted in after-life ectoplasm; and a retired USAF Staff Sergeant's past encounter with a UFO.

First Hour: Financial advisor, author, and researcher Jonathan Gabriel Raskas details his work researching spooky events, synchronicities, and coincidences.

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Science Out-of-Bounds/ Open Lines

Hosted by Ian Punnett
Guest(s): Michael Guillen

Michael Guillen, award-winning physics instructor at Harvard University, joins Ian Punnett to discuss how the scientific community is pushing the boundaries of morality, including scientists who detached the head of a Russian man from his crippled body to stitch it onto a healthy new donated one, and fertility experiments aimed at allowing designer babies to be conceived with the DNA from three or more biological parents. Followed by Open Lines.


Last Night

Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis discussed indicators the United States faces a new kind of Cold War with Russia and China. Open Lines followed.

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