Antonio Paris

Antonio Paris


Antonio Paris is the Chief Scientist at Planetary Sciences, Inc., an Assistant Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at St. Petersburg College, FL, and a graduate of the NASA Mars Education Program at the Mars Space Flight Center, Arizona State University. He is a professional member of the Washington Academy of Sciences, the American Astronomical Society, and the Explorer’s Club; and his latest peer-reviewed publication focused on broad-line quasars - active galactic nuclei emissions powered by supermassive black holes.


Past Shows:

  • Consciousness & the Paranormal / Search for Exomoons

    Sandra Martin discussed her work as a literary agent, adventures in publishing, and interest in consciousness and the paranormal. Followed by astrophysicist Antonio Paris who covered several topics, including exomoons, Pluto's status, and the shifting of Earth's magnetic pole.More »

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