Mike Ricksecker

Mike Ricksecker


Researcher Mike Ricksecker is the author of the Amazon best-sellers Travels Through Time, A Walk In The Shadows, and Alaska's Mysterious Triangle, as well as several historic paranormal books. He has appeared on multiple television shows and programs, including History Channel's Ancient Aliens and The UnXplained, Travel Channel’s The Alaska Triangle, multiple series on Gaia TV, and more. Mike is the producer and director of the docu-series, The Shadow Dimension, available on several streaming platforms, and he produces additional full-length content on ancient wisdom, lost civilizations, UFOs, and the supernatural on his extensive YouTube channel.

For more than seven years he has hosted The Edge of the Rabbit Hole livestream show and he also hosts the Connecting the Universe interactive class on his online learning platform, the Connected Universe Portal. He operates his own book publishing and video production company, Haunted Road Media, representing a number of authors, and winning the award for Excellent Media In The Paranormal Field at the 2019 Shockfest Film Festival. Mike also hosts the annual Stargates of Ancient Egypt Tour, an exploration of Egypt’s pyramids and temples for lost advanced technologies, the secrets of esoteric alchemy, and ancient stargates. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Mike is a U.S. Air Force veteran with a background in Intelligence and a degree in computer simulation programming. He’s been researching unexplained phenomena across the world for nearly 30 years.



Past Shows:

  • Military Conflict Zones / Time Anomalies & Stargates

    Retired soldier and author Adam Gamal shared his account of the fight against terror. Followed by author specializing in the paranormal, Mike Ricksecker, on time anomalies and stargates.More »
  • Dorothy Kilgallen & JFK / Time Travel

    Investigative reporter Mark Shaw shared new research on the life and death of journalist Dorothy Kilgallen. Followed by paranormal investigator Mike Ricksecker with his theories on time travel.More »
  • Bloom vs. Curtis Debate II / Alaska's Triangle

    Author Howard Bloom debated analyst John M. Curtis on issues of the day. Followed by paranormal investigator Mike Ricksecker on high strangeness in the Alaska Triangle.More »
  • 2021 Astrology / Ghostly Encounters

    Astrologer Leslie McGuirk shared insights into 2021, and her interpretive techniques. Followed by "Ghostorian" Mike Ricksecker on his paranormal investigations.More »
  • Climate Controversies / Shadow People

    Dr. Tim Ball discussed climate change.Mike Ricksecker shared his research about 'shadow people.'More »
  • Paranormal Encounters/ Open Lines

    Paranormal researcher and author specializing in mysterious events and historic curiosities, Mike Ricksecker, discussed his encounters with the paranormal, including shadow people and ghosts. Open Lines followed in the second half of the program.More »

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