Cody Ray DesBiens

Cody Ray DesBiens


Cody Ray DesBiens and Satori Hawes, from the Travel Channel's "Ghost Hunters" and "Ghost Nation" series, are paranormal investigators and researchers with The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), which was founded by Satori's father (Jason Hawes) in 1990. After working together on a few TAPS cases, they found that they had a connection to each other like no other. Cody and Satori found that when they are together, it seems that they could open a door to intelligently communicate with the other side. What makes their communication different from psychics or mediums is that the intelligent communication can be heard by others as well. This ability has enabled both of them to gain a better understanding of the other side, and to help bring messages to those who need it most. Aside from investigating, Cody and Satori are also the curators of The Paranormal Couple's Haunted Museum of Objects, Oddities, and Curiosities. What started out as a few reportedly haunted items from clients grew into a large collection of objects from around the world.


Past Shows:

  • Jazz Age Murder Mystery

    Writer Joe Pompeo reported on a murder case from 1922, and how it changed the way journalism pursued crime. In the first hour, Cody Ray DesBiens and Satori Hawes discussed their traveling exhibition, The Paranormal Couple's Haunted Museum of Objects, Oddities, and Curiosities.More »