Jason Gleaves

Jason Gleaves


Jason Gleaves (@Ufonly), researcher and author, served in the Royal Air Force, British Aerospace Airbus division, and received a BTEC National Diploma in computer-aided drafting in engineering for Shell Oil industry. He has high expertise in modern civilian and military worldwide aircraft/armaments recognition and visualization. Gleaves has contributed over the last ten years to numerous UFO reports with photographic and video-footage analysis on unidentified flying objects and associated anomalies for many ufologists within the community worldwide, using the latest updated imagery/computer science technology and software available.



Past Shows:

  • Strange UFO Experiences / Wealth Disparity

    Jason Gleaves delved into the UFO experiences of people involved in ufology as well as discussed his analysis of UFO images. Don Jeffries examined how the collective wealth of America has been channeled from the poor and middle class to a handful of plutocratic elites.More »

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