Dan Collins

Dan Collins


Dan Collins is founder of Hippogriff, a cybersecurity company focused on securing corporate networks from hackers and bad actors. They employ some of the best former black hat hackers in the country and have partnered with some of the largest I.T. companies in the world.

Before founding Hippogriff, Collins spent twenty years living in China working as an executive for Fortune 500 companies holding a number of positions in engineering and manufacturing management. He originally found his way to China in 1998 as an exchange student at Tsinghua University, the leading technical university in China. He is a recognized expert in China, Cybersecurity and Geopolitics appearing on many different international media programs over the last decade.

Dan is a happily married father of three and splits his time between Shanghai and Miami.


Past Shows:

  • China's Economic Reach / Working Your Own Miracles

    Dan Collins spoke on China's industrial revolution and massive wealth. Mitch Horowitz revealed techniques and mindsets for success.More »
  • China's Wealth/ Food Independence

    Dan Collins, the founder of Tiger Hill Capital, a Hong Kong based asset management company addressed how China's unprecedented industrial revolution has created massive wealth. Expert in self-reliance and backyard food production, Marjory Wildcraft discussed her work...More »

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