Susanne Wilson

Susanne Wilson


Susanne J. Wilson, MA is a Carefree, Arizona-based intuition educator, author, medium, and paranormal presenter. Susanne is known as the Carefree Medium, appearing on Coast to Coast AM, Gaia, Fox News National Edition, and Amazon films. With a Master’s degree in public affairs policy, a bachelor’s degree in management, and certifications from Stanford University, Susanne is a well-recognized researcher and educator on a wide range of paranormal topics.




Past Shows:

  • Angels & Essenes / Afterlife Explorations

    Novelist Penelope Holt shared her research on angels, reincarnation, and the Essenes. Followed by Susanne J. Wilson, known as the Carefree Medium, on experiences of the afterlife.More »
  • Impact of Heat / Afterlife Communications

    Writer Jeff Goodell discussed heat waves and climate change. Followed by afterlife expert Susanne Wilson on ways to foster spirit communication.More »
  • CRISPR Technology Dangers / Thinning of the Veil

    Author Jeffrey M. Smith spoke about the health dangers of GMO foods and CRISPR gene-editing technology. Followed by medium Susanne Wilson on an increase in paranormal activity and the veil between worlds.More »
  • Secret Door XIV

    In this Secret Door special, George Noory interviewed a different guest each hour and tried to guess their identities. First through the door was rock journalist  Susan Masino. Followed by author Bill Forstchen, afterlife expert Richard Martini, and intuitive Susanne Wilson.More »
  • Climate Change / Working with Spirit Guides

    Researcher Steve Goreham presented his views on climate change, and why he is skeptical that global warming is due to human causes. Followed by the Carefree Medium, Susanne Wilson, on working with spirit guides.More »
  • 'Art of War' Strategies / Handling Skeptics

    Gary Gagliardi talked about the strategies in Sun Tzu’s "The Art of War." Followed by medium Susanne Wilson on handling skeptics in one's life.More »
  • Manson Murders / Spirit Guide Connections

    Ivor Davis shared details of the infamous Manson murders. Followed by Susanne Wilson on souls, guides, and intuition.More »
  • Aviation Quests/ Spirit Guides & ETs

    Dan Hampton shared aviation history. Followed by Susanne Wilson on spirit guides and communications.More »
  • Spirit Communication/ Open Lines

    Medium Susanne Wilson revealed what the dead can teach us about spirit communication. Open Lines and a Jim Marrs tribute followed.More »

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The UFO Paradox / Overcoming Cancer
The UFO Paradox / Overcoming Cancer
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