M.K. Davis

M.K. Davis


M.K. Davis developed an interest in the famous Patterson Bigfoot film, through his hobby of astro-photography. Taking space photos lent itself well to the restoration and enhancement of the Bigfoot film. The skillset developed in astro-photography worked outstandingly on the film and resulted in the clearest and most stable versions of this film available. This has led M.K. into a deep dive into the subject of Bigfoot and cryptids in general. Many trips to the Patterson film site as well as a host of other films, videos, and places of encounters have served to help M.K. build a meaningful body of knowledge about such subjects and has served him well in his journeys.

M.K. has worked on a host of other iconic films and video such as the Abraham Zapruder film of the Kennedy assassination, as well as work on the Orville Nix film of the same event by the Nix family's request. His other studies include astrophotography, paleontology, anthropology, along with myths, legends, and lore of the American West.


Past Shows:

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