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Laura Eisenhower is a master astrologer and the great-granddaughter to five-star general and 34th President Dwight D. Eisenhower. She joined Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss how, as a child, she intimately sensed the forces working around her and embarked on her own journey into the underworld, only to discover her own "truth frequency." "I think I knew before I came in," she explained. "There was a lot that I was being made aware of at a very young age, but it slowly got more and more defined... and I was always just opened up to this bigger picture on a galactic, multidimensional level." It was only later that she would learn about Valiant Thor and her great-grandfather's alleged involvement with alien contact and treaties - hearing of it first in, of all places, the Weekly World News. "I saw it in the grocery store line when I was nine years old" and thought, "Well, there's a lot more to this, and I know that this is a part of my path to uncover." She went on to explain how Valiant Thor (or Val Thor as she called him) warned her great-grandfather "about the Nordics and the Greys." She said this was after a treaty had been signed with the Nordics, who gave warnings about the Greys. Those treaties, however, were not signed by Dwight Eisenhower, according to his great-granddaughter.

Others have told her since that only Majestic-12 was authorized to sign treaties with alien intelligences. The whistleblowers were all saying that MJ-12 did it behind the President's back, and an unconditional surrender agreement took place in 1952, Eisenhower asserted. One of those agreements, she said, gave us technology in exchange for permission for the Greys to abduct humans - but it gets murky from there, she continued. Potentially purposely so, to confuse the issue, with some claiming the Nordics were allied with Nazis before and during WWII and others claiming this was "Nazi Draco Alliance propaganda to... confuse and muddy the waters."

She also recounted attempts to recruit her into living off-planet on Mars as part of a secret space program, as well as offered knowledge of our galactic history, the different timelines of humanity, and the window period in which we are ascending in the Great Awakening. "How we get out from underneath it is to recognize that their dark technology needs us to be in a low vibration for it to even work because it's all about mind control. It's also all about social engineering, weather manipulation... and what we get through the media, indoctrination, social engineering, and divide and conquer tactics that our vibration is low."


Open Lines were featured in the latter half, including follow-up calls about the guest, experiences in a haunted house, and claims of hidden WWII atrocities.

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