Donald Altman

Donald Altman


Donald Altman is an award-winning author of over 20 books, a psychotherapist and former monk whose work integrates ancient, timeless practices into our modern lifestyles. He has taught thousands of professionals in healthcare, mental health and business how to find resilience, wholeness, healing and joy. His new novel Travelers is an inspiring journey about overcoming loss through hope, healing and spiritual renewal. 



Past Shows:

  • Change & Mindfulness / Dealing With Sociopaths

    Psychotherapist Donald Altman shared mindfulness techniques and ways to use the power of the mind, Followed by journalist Donna Andersen on how to identify and recover from sociopaths.More »
  • Mindfulness Techniques / Angel Encounters

    Psychotherapist Donald Altman discussed the epidemic of stress and how mindfulness can combat it. Followed by author and clairvoyant Tricia McCannon on the ways angels appear to humans and interact with them.More »

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