Space Propulsion & ET Artifacts / Mindfulness Techniques

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Space Propulsion & ET Artifacts / Mindfulness Techniques

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In the first half, science consultant Richard C. Hoagland discussed a "hyperdimensional physics" space propulsion experiment currently underway and how asteroid and moon rocks may contain ET artifacts (view related material). The experimental propulsion technology, referred to as a 'Quantum' space drive, is potentially a game changer, as it could alter the inertia of a spacecraft. If this technology works, it could also have dramatic consequences for Earth, putting an end to all war, he asserted, as momentum/inertia is behind all weapons and bombs. "If you can change inertia in a bubble around a projector, a technological device which hooks into the hyperdimensional torsion field, you might be able to create...a device to protect every city, every hamlet, every country from bombardment," he enthused.

Hoagland suggested that moon rocks from the Apollo 16 mission, when cut into thin sections, have been shown to contain elements of tiny geometric machinery. Additionally, he claimed that NASA's latest return of "direct samples" from outer space, from the asteroid 'Bennu', also contained ET artifacts. Further, he believes a Smithsonian Museum display of a lunar sample has ET machinery and artifacts within it. President Biden, he added, had one of the moon rocks sent to the White House and may knowingly or unknowingly be in possession of an ancient alien artifact. Hoagland connected this to the timing of Biden getting ready to sign the NDAA Pentagon funding bill, which includes the most robust congressional law yet written on UFOs and ET technologies.


Donald Altman, MA, LPC, is a psychotherapist, former monk, award-winning author, and international mindfulness expert who has trained over 15,000 mental health clinicians, physicians, nurses, and others. In the latter half, he outlined how to use the power of the mind to create the life you want, manifest good health, and bounce back from adversity. Mindfulness is something we are born with and could be considered a kind of altered consciousness "because it's bringing you into the present moment in such a vivid way," he said. Altman pointed out that individuals can benefit from having the quality of resilience, "a willingness to confront the way things are," and not get stuck ruminating about the past.

He has identified four factors of resilience that go hand in hand with one another--clarity, calmness, optimism, and happiness. One can achieve a sense of calm through diaphragmatic breathing, he noted, which turns on what's called the parasympathetic nervous system. Having clarity is important for problem-solving and finding pathways forward, and by reducing negative self-talk, one can be more optimistic about life and possibilities. Altman also shared a daily practice called the G.L.A.D. technique-- the 'G' is to find one thing you're grateful for, 'L' one thing you learned, 'A' one thing you accomplished, and 'D' one thing you find delight in.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Catherine Austin Fitts

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