Greg Garrett

Greg Garrett


Greg Garrett is the Austin, Texas author of over twenty-five books of fiction, nonfiction, memoir, and translation. BBC Radio has called Greg "one of America's leading voices on religion and culture," and he has written on such topics as spirituality and suffering, film and pop culture, Harry Potter, faith and politics, and contemporary Christianity. Greg's work has been covered by The New Yorker, USA Today, The New York Times, FOX News, BBC Radio, National Public Radio, CBS Radio, Vice, and many other broadcast, print, and web media sources. Greg has written for, The Washington Post, The Daily Mirror, Patheos, The Huffington Post, OnFaith, Reform, The Tablet, and many other print and web publications in the US and UK, and has spoken at universities, churches, seminaries, conventions, and retreats across the US and Europe, including appearances at the Edinburgh Festival of Books, American Library in Paris, Cambridge University, Kings College in London, Villanova University, and the Washington National Cathedral.

Greg has taught at Baylor University since 1989. He also serves as Writer in Residence at the Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest, and as Theologian in Residence at the American Cathedral in Paris. Greg is a member of the Texas Institute of Letters, a Fellow of the Cathedral College at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC, and a licensed lay preacher based at St. David's Episcopal Church in Austin, Texas, where he lives with his wife Jeanie and their daughters Lily and Sophia.



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Violent Bigfoot Encounters / Yeshua Codes
Paranormal researcher William Sheehan reported on violent encounters with Bigfoot. Pastor Carl Gallups discussed his book, The Yeshua Protocol, which reveals Yeshua "codes" in the Old Testament and encoded in our DNA.
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