Paul Wallis

Paul Wallis


Paul Anthony Wallis is an internationally bestselling author, whose books probe the world's ancestral narratives for their insight into human origins and human potential. As a Senior Churchman, Paul served for 33 years as a Church Doctor, a Theological Educator, and an Archdeacon in the Anglican Church in Australia. Wallis' bestselling Eden Series, endorsed by George Noory and Erich von Daniken, has made him the go-to guy in the field of paleocontact. Wallis is the host of and The 5th Kind YouTube channel with more than a million subscribers.



Past Shows:

  • Ancient ET Contact / NDEs & Quantum Reality

    Author Paul Anthony Wallis discussed evidence of ancient ET contact in the Bible’s deep past, along with other forgotten secrets. Followed by ordained minister Jim Willis on his latest work on NDE type experiences.More »
  • Quantum Computing / The Bible & ETs

    Prof. Michio Kaku talked about the revolution coming with quantum computing. Followed by author/researcher Paul Anthony Wallis on ancient aliens in biblical accounts.More »
  • Chronic Pain & Anxiety / Ancient Alien Tales

    Surgeon Dr. David Hanscom shared his conclusions about chronic physical pain which he related to anxiety. Followed by author Paul Anthony Wallis on ancient stories of alien contact and mysterious beings that influenced civilizations.More »
  • Black Holes / Ancient Alien Contact

    Prof. Heino Falcke talked about the world of black holes and how he was the first person to present an image of one to the public. Followed by researcher Paul Anthony Wallis on ancient stories of ET contact and abduction.More »
  • Criminal Justice System / Origin Mysteries

    Judge James Gray outlined issues facing the criminal justice system. Followed by Paul Anthony Wallis on ET origins in mythology and the Bible.More »

Last Night

War on Cars / Faith and UFOs
War on Cars / Faith and UFOs
Jay Beeber with the National Motorists Association argued that the act of driving has become overly regulated and villainized in recent years. Followed by UFO experiencer Chris Bledsoe on his various close encounters in North Carolina.


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