Jason Stapleton

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Jason Stapleton is an American entrepreneur, speaker, and trusted marketing and brand consultant. He grew his first company, Trade Empowered, into a multi-million dollar brand as one of the largest and most well-respected trading education companies in the world. Six years after founding Trade Empowered, Jason started "The Jason Stapleton Program", a podcast focused on economics and current events.

Within 18 months, his podcast was the number one political podcast on iTunes, with nearly 30,000 daily listeners. Today Jason helps other entrepreneurs with established businesses increase the influence they have in their market, maximize their profits, and create a more abundant and rewarding life.



Past shows:

Building Wealth / Ghost Encounters

Entrepreneur Jason Stapleton shared his perspective about how ordinary people can build independent wealth. Followed by paranormal investigator Amy Bruni on ghosts and haunted locations. More »


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