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Burt Kearns

Burt Kearnspicture


Burt Kearns is an award-winning television and motion picture producer, director, writer, journalist and author. He is currently directing and producing the documentary film on suburban punk, Gabba Gabba Hearn. His latest book, The Show Won't Go On, was written with Jeff Abraham, is available now by the Chicago Review Press' A Cappella Books. He and his work can be seen in 2019 on Netflix, as he appears in the documentary, Kardashian: The Man Who Saved OJ Simpson, which he wrote, produced and executive produced for the Reelz network. In recent months, he was also executive producer of the one-hour documentary specials TIME Presents: Celebrities on Trial, TIME Presents: Milestones 2016 -- A Tribute to the Stars We've Lost, Entertainment Weekly Presents: 80s TV Stars -- Where Are They Now?.



Past shows:

Schoolyard UFO Encounters / Performer Deaths Onstage

Preston Dennett reported on schoolyard UFO incidents. Jeff Abraham & Burt Kearns discussed their book on shocking deaths of performers who died onstage. More »


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