Lawrence Light

Lawrence Light


Lawrence Light is the markets editor of CIO Magazine. He is an award-winning journalist with a distinguished career that includes The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, BusinessWeek, Money Magazine, and His work has also appeared in Barrons, Fortune, Investopedia, Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance, CBS MoneyWatch, Columbia Journalism Review, and more. He is also an acclaimed author of mysteries and thrillers. He served for 3 years as Executive Vice President of Mystery Writers of America and is currently serving as Treasurer. He is a member of International Thriller Writers and appears regularly at Bouchercon, ThrillerFest, and NoirCon. ​He lives in Manhattan with his fabulous wife and sometimes co-author Meredith Anthony.



Past Shows:

  • Economic Uncertainty / Paranormal Pop Culture

    Financial journalist Lawrence Light discussed why he believes the economy is on the brink of a severe downturn. Followed by writer and host Aaron Sagers on the rise of interest in the paranormal.More »

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