Mandy Benoualid

Mandy Benoualid


Mandy Benoualid is the co-founder and President of the online memorial platform and virtual funeral service provider, Keeper. Since 2013, thousands of families, along with cemeteries and funeral homes across North America use Keeper's platform to share stories of the departed. Mandy is the co-founder and Editor of the death conscious media site,, which focuses on death education, resources, and advocacy.

Mandy's work has appeared in national and international publications, she has been a featured presenter at professional funeral and cemetery conferences and was recently featured as an industry innovator by American Funeral Director Magazine.


Past Shows:

  • Funeral Industry & Trends / Open Lines

    Funeral industry innovator Mandy Benoualid and McMaster University assistant professor Jeremy Cohen discuss the current state of the funeral industry, as well as new trends in funeral practices. Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program.More »

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