Margo Mateas

Margo Mateas


Margo Mateas is an award-winning writer, scientifically verified healer and respected corporate trainer. Her forthcoming book, Freed By The Light: True Stories of How The Supernatural Affects Our Lives is based on documented experiences of people who have recovered from issues caused by soul theft, past lives, alien interference, nanotechnology, and possession.

Psychic at an early age, Margo had her first premonition at age eight and her first vision as a teenager. She began her professional speaking career at the age of 14, graduated high school at 15 and began an eight-year career as an investigative reporter and editor for a daily paper at 17. She combined her intuitive abilities and business sense into a successful career in public relations for the world’s largest PR firm, and then on her own as as internationally-known corporate trainer and executive coach to companies including Google, Verizon and The Red Cross. She has been a featured speaker for the American Medical Association, the American Cancer Society and many other organizations.



Past Shows:

  • Intuitive Visions/ ET Consciousness

    During the first half, scientifically-verified healer and investigative journalist Margo Mateas joined Jimmy Church (email) to discuss her work as an healer and visionary, and what she has learned communicating with the Other Side. In the second half, Laurie MacDonald,...More »

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