Intuitive Visions/ ET Consciousness

Intuitive Visions/ ET Consciousness


HostJimmy Church

GuestsMargo Mateas, Laurie McDonald

During the first half, scientifically-verified healer and investigative journalist Margo Mateas joined Jimmy Church (email) to discuss her work as an healer and visionary, and what she has learned communicating with the Other Side. Mateas recalled sensing the spirit world at a young age, having premonitions at eight, dreams of angels and demons at thirteen, and full visions by fifteen. "I would see the face of someone in an oval picture frame and know they needed help," she explained. At eighteen, Mateas received a particularly meaningful vision of Jesus which helped her understand her role in freeing both herself and others from dark forces.

According to Mateas, Jesus' incarnation took an alien form as aliens were in control of the world during his ministry. He bought us back from these aliens who use us as pawns in a cosmic game, she noted. Mateas described her own work as a spiritual lawyer. "I literally advocate between alien forces, between demonic forces, between off-planet entities and the souls that are here on Earth today to get their souls free," she said. Mateas revealed how she works with four archangels to free souls, and how almost all alien species respect the power of the light.


In the second half, Laurie MacDonald, graduate of Alchemical Hypnotherapy Institute of Sacramento, member of Sacramento Hypnosis and a certified clinical hypnotherapist, discussed past life regressions, expanding consciousness, and ET contact. Jimmy began the interview by sharing a story involving MacDonald apparently summoning UFO at Contact in the Desert by flashing a laser into the sky and receiving a flash of light back in response. "I did feel a UFO out there," she recalled, noting everyone has this potential.

MacDonald spoke about her work assisting clients in the process of awakening. "Generally, they're trying to find out why they're emotionally stuck in this life, why they haven't been able to fulfill their human potential, why they haven't been able to achieve the things they felt they were capable of doing," she said. Often the issue involves a past life block which must be dealt with through regression therapy, MacDonald explained. Sometimes a client who believes they've been abducted by aliens discovers it was actually a demonic attack, she disclosed. There is a great war for our souls that we must recognize in order to move toward ascension and expanding consciousness, MacDonald observed.



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