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Sean O Nuallain

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Sean O Nuallain holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. He was a visiting scholar at Walter Freeman’s lab at UC Berkeley and faculty at Cal and Stanford. He is the author of a book on the foundations of Cognitive Science, "The Search for Mind." His "Being Human: the Search for Order" deals with science, ecology, spirituality and society. He now works professionally in the USA as a musician and runs the Foundations of Mind project.



Past shows:

Mind & Scientific Transformation/ Matua Island Mysteries

Seán O Nualláin spoke about the Foundations of Mind. Followed by James Secord on 19th century science, and Paul Stonehill on mysteries of Matua island. More »

Last Night

Ed Dames shared remote viewing updates including details on Kim Jung Un, and the solar kill shot. Followed by Trapper Jack with stories of angels and miracles.

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