Raoul Mongilardi

Raoul Mongilardi


Creative Writer-Producer & CEO, Raoul Peter Mongilardi, served as Associate Producer on the 2002, SONY/White Light feature film release, Love.com aka Primal Instinct. Under Raoul’s guidance, OM-PRM Productions produced the documentaries,The Changing Face of Autism, nominated for the 2009 Voice Award, distributed by National Film Network, and in 2012, The Walt Disney Concert Hall Organ, distributed by Kultur International Films and broadcast on PBS.

Raoul served on projects for The Geffen Playhouse, DISNEY Imagineering, SONY Pictures and Paramount Television, and as Director of Operations for the Peter Rodgers Organization, international television programming distributors, supervising 8000 hours of programming and client assets. He was co-writer of the internationally broadcast, 2007 World Music Awards, as well as the 2013 Voices on Point Awards. Currently, studio writer Mongilardi is developing the dramatic true story, MIA, as well as other broadcast and feature projects. He has appeared alongside NASA scientists discussing exoplanets, astronomy, and spacecraft engineering.



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JFK Assassination Revelations / UFOs & Space Communications
JFK Assassination Revelations / UFOs & Space Communications
JFK assassination expert James DiEugenio discussed the new film, "JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass." Followed by researcher David Sereda and amateur radio expert Jimmy Blanchette on receiving communications from outer space.
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