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Electric Interference / UFOs & ET Mysteries

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In the first half, private investigator specializing in electronic counter-measures, Roger Tolces, shared updates on electronic harassment and pollution, as well as energy healing technologies. Regarding the recent report on 'Havana Syndrome' (now said to have affected diplomats in Vienna), he suggested the attacks are based on 'bio-coded directed energy.' The perpetrators find DNA samples in the garbage of targeted individuals, he explained, and then run the unique data in a supercomputer. This allows them to then develop specific microwaves, which they broadcast at an individual, causing such symptoms as vertigo, nausea, and headaches. Tolces believes that China is behind the harassment and ultimately seeks to turn America into a "consumption colony."

He recounted how he recently had a mini-heart attack brought on by an irregular heartbeat. He underwent various medical procedures and was prescribed numerous medications. But later, as an experiment, Tolces shut down his home WiFi system, and the arrhythmia suddenly stopped. If you must have WiFi in your home, he recommended putting it on a timer, so it's only turned on during the hours you need it. On the topic of healing, Tolces talked about such techniques as the Rife machine, which uses electrical frequencies to promote healing (more here), colloidal silver in spray form to combat disease, and his electrostatic charging system, said to invigorate the body while sleeping.


Writer and filmmaker Raoul Mongilardi has appeared alongside NASA scientists discussing exoplanets, astronomy, and spacecraft engineering. In the latter half, he discussed UFOs, the recent Pentagon UAP report, and mysteries surrounding ETs, possibly depicted in ancient artifacts and artworks. He found it remarkable that the government report, though brief, admitted that some of the UAP cannot be explained, and that they could not rule out an extraterrestrial origin for them. Regarding testimonies of UFOs entering or emerging from the sea, he commented that "hyper-velocity interdimensional craft would have no problem navigating or maneuvering through liquid or gas" and that the ocean, largely unexplored by humans, would be an ideal place for them to hide out.

He finds the seemingly authentic "Gorbachev document" about a UFO landing in Kiev in 1993 to be particularly compelling. The craft was reportedly witnessed by dozens at a military base, who saw two beings emerge from it. They then merged into a single individual, before separating again, Mongilardi recalled. He also talked about how in his sci-fi novel, one of his concepts presaged the 2015 observations of the unusual fluctuations of Tabby's Star (in the constellation Cygnus), and the subsequent theories that an alien megastructure could be causing the anomaly.

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