Richard Rives

Richard Rives


Richard Rives, President of Wyatt Archaeological Research, became aware of the discoveries of Ron Wyatt in 1990. Richard read Ron's book "Discovered Noah's Ark," and made arrangements to visit him. After seeing the actual evidence and expressing his intention to visit the sites, Richard was invited to participate in excavations at the Noah's Ark site. In 1990, Richard and Ron traveled to Eastern Turkey where the two of them accomplished what is now known as "The Noah's Ark Mini Excavation."

After finishing their work at the Noah's Ark site, they traveled on to Israel. Richard has worked closely with Ron Wyatt at various archaeological sites in Turkey, Israel, the Middle East and Egypt and has been involved with the technical analysis of the artifacts collected. In 1997, Richard moved to Tennessee and became curator of Wyatt Archaeological Museum. In 1999 Ron Wyatt passed away and Richard was then elected to the office of president. Since that time, he has been responsible for the coordination of the ongoing research and dissemination of information relating to the discoveries.


Past Shows:

  • Serial Killers

    Author and long-time expert in crime and serial killers, Tom Philbin (book link), discussed what goes through the dark minds of people who kill, and kill again, and he revealed the common denominators they share in spite of diverse backgrounds. First hour guest, researcher...More »
  • UFOs & the Paranormal

    Writer and media personality Lee Speigel discussed his research and interviews in the field of ufology, as well as his efforts to bring the subject of UFOs to the United Nations. In the first hour, journalist Joe Kovacs and curator Richard Rives reacted to the possible...More »
  • Noah's Ark & Mount Ararat

    The first half of the show featured a discussion about possible locations for Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat. A digital photo of what has become known as the "Ararat Anomaly" was taken by DigitalGlobe's QuickBird satellite, and was analyzed by first hour guest Porcher Taylor who...More »
  • Noah's Ark Research

    President of Wyatt Archaeological Research, Richard Rives discussed the work of the late Ron Wyatt, who was confident that he had discovered the location of Noah’s Ark. The site in Turkey, which features an ancient boat-shaped form, became exposed after an earthquake in 1978,...More »

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