Edward Siedle

Edward Siedle


Edward "Ted" Siedle is a widely-read Forbes writer, former attorney with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and a leading expert in pension looting. He has spent more than three decades forensically investigating over $1 trillion in retirement plans. In 2018, Ted secured the largest CFTC whistleblower award in history—$30 million—and in 2017, the largest SEC whistleblower award of $48 million. Siedle was named as one of the 40 most influential people in the U.S. pension debate by Institutional Investor magazine for 2014 and 2015.


Past Shows:

  • Retirement Crisis / Star Seeds

    Robert Kiyosaki and Edward Siedle warned about a looming crisis for pension funds. Followed by Dr. Christian von Lahr on Star Seeds and nature spirits.More »

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