Tom Danheiser

Tom Danheiser


Tom "Tommy D" Danheiser is the Senior Producer for the nationally syndicated Coast to Coast AM radio program. Tom is a native Californian who started out his radio and TV career as a big band DJ. He went on to work at a number of Los Angeles radio stations including KABC, KLOS, KSPN, and Radio Disney, and joined Premiere Networks in 2002, where he produced the network radio show "The Motorized World Of Leon Kaplan." Tom’s interests include going to hockey games, taking drives in his convertible while listening to music, hanging out with his dog Freddy, and going to the shooting range.


Past Shows:

  • Weekend Hosts Spotlight

    This special program featured interviews with C2C's weekend hosts Richard Syrett, Ian Punnett, Connie Willis, Lisa Garr, and George Knapp, plus C2C producer Tom Danheiser. First-hour guest Steve Kates shared space news.More »

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