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Weekend Hosts Spotlight

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In this special evening, George Noory checked in with each of the Coast to Coast AM weekend hosts. First up, Richard Syrett, spoke about how hosting C2C and his own shows has been an excellent opportunity to explore the great mysteries of life, such as what happens to us after we die. Just trying to put together "this unimaginably immense jigsaw puzzle and maybe participate in a small way of putting the pieces in place" has been of great reward, he said. Richard shared that he particularly enjoys Open Lines calls. "When you do this for so long, you develop a bit of a BS meter, and I don't get that with the people that call in with their encounters with the unexplained...they're just so genuine and authentic."

Longtime host Ian Punnett came on next with updates on his life as a professor at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas, and his latest book on the future of journalism. Ian also recalled how his Great-Great Uncle founded the Punnett Safe Co., the first manufacturer, and marketer of home safes. Later, the company went bankrupt and was bought out by Punnett's partner and became the Sentry Safe Company, widely in use today. Appearing next, Connie Willis, said she had just returned from her latest Creepy Hotspot Investigation in the Colorado Rockies, where one of the participants had a Bigfoot sighting. Growing up, she was fascinated by ghosts and later became interested in aliens, and cryptids like Sasquatch.

Lisa Garr recalled an accident she was in some years ago that led to a near-death experience where she entered into an alternate reality and experienced time as non-linear, and "everything existing simultaneously all at once." This kicked off her interest in spiritual and transformative topics, which in addition to C2C., she explores on The Aware Show. Following next, George Knapp reminisced about Art Bell and how he first appeared on Art's "Dreamland" radio program in the 1990s, reporting stories related to UFOs. He also discussed his friendship with Robert Bigelow, and the late Sen. Harry Reid, as well as the mysterious Skinwalker Ranch, which he characterized as a kind of "paranormal Disneyland."

In the last half-hour, George interviewed C2C producer Tom Danheiser who talked about his long association with C2C and how he's become friends with many of the callers over the years. Tom shared that his favorite show topics are ETs and the afterlife, and he announced that he's working on a book about Coast to Coast.

Space News

First-hour guest Steve Kates ("Dr. Sky") is the President of DrSky.com, Inc., a multimedia company that creates video and audio production from the realms of astronomy, space, aviation, and weather. Discussing the latest in space and astronomy, he reported that Russia plans to abandon the International Space Station sometime between 2024-2028, ostensibly because they want to build their own space station. Kates is particularly excited about NASA's SLS program, an uncrewed flight around the moon scheduled for August, which may be a harbinger for a human return to the moon. He also enthused about the "Dragonfly" robotic helicopter planned to land on Saturn's moon Titan, the Europa Clipper, which will explore the oceans of Jupiter's moon Europa, and a Mars sample return mission.

News segment guests: Mish Shedlock, Howard Bloom

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