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"This is a defining moment," said Richard C. Hoagland, kicking off Friday night's program. He was on the air to spearhead support for Project Prometheus, NASA's recently announced nuclear-powered propulsion system which could triple the speed of current space travel. Hoagland suggested listeners email or fax the White House endorsing Prometheus and missions to Mars that could be facilitated by this technology. He believes it is crucial to do this before Pres. Bush's State of the Union address on Tuesday.

A surprise call from Jessica Hahn got Open Lines cooking in the next hour. "I love your show; every subject is fascinating," she told George. She went on to recount some of her unusual experiences which included uncanny premonitions, a visit from a "faceless figure," that may have helped her walk without leg braces, and a meeting with a family of coyotes in her backyard.

George also heard from a caller in Pennsylvania who described seeing a passenger-sized jet hovering motionless over a tree line 15 years ago. Later a man who didn't wish to give out his name phoned in from Kirtland AFB. "Everything just fried," he said, describing how all his electronic equipment had suddenly burned out earlier that evening, including his satellite dish. He suspected that military testing of an electromagnetic microwave weapon may have been the cause. The caller added that he had seen up to a dozen stealth bombers recently at the base and "they were loading something on these planes."

Psychic Dreams of an Invasion

As we kick-off another Friday night of Open Lines, here is a fascinating email to ponder. It comes from Sarah in Anchorage, Alaska:

I'm forty years old now, and back in my early twenties, I died as a result of a misdiagnosed condition, and wrongly prescribed medication. I was 'gone' for a few minutes apparently, but was brought back by some very capable paramedics. Although I had an 'out of body experience', I don't want to go into that here, as it is the transformation I underwent, which led to my ability to have 'visions', that I want to discuss, as it pertains to the future of our country.

Not long after my near death experience, I began having dreams that were unlike any I had experienced before, and if these dreams were 'recurring', they virtually always came true. As I said, this began in my twenties, and in those days, I lived in New Mexico-- I dreamed of everything from the mundane, to people dying, and about ninety five percent of the time, my visions were very accurate. While still a New Mexico resident, over ten years ago, I began to have visions of a great war, here in the U.S. These visions were recurring, and not always while I was asleep. I saw many, many tanks, fighter jets, and soldiers, and although I could never identify the nationality of these military forces, there was always a sense that most of them were not ours. All I knew was that these battles were occurring in the Southwest United States, where I resided at the time. I saw many horrible things done to American civilians, too horrible to describe, but if you can imagine soldiers with nothing but insane hatred for us, invading our land, you can imagine the worst war crimes, and that is what I have seen.

Approximately three years ago, I moved to Anchorage, Alaska, due to a job transfer, and after having no 'battle dreams' prior to my move for about two years, these dreams started again, only this time, they were a little different; I was actually a 'participant', rather than an 'observer'. Every time I have this vision, I see myself at work, and although I never seem to have any sense of time with these things, since I work the night shift, I assume the following scenario occurs late at night. I hear the sudden sounds of jets, all around me, I hear explosions, and gunfire, mostly automatic, and in what seems like only twenty minutes or so, I hear shouting, and more gunfire, only this time, very close to my place of business. Suddenly, Russian soldiers, shouting and screaming as they fire bursts from their weapons, enter my building; I and several others, are immediately taken prisoner; several are shot on the spot, for the slightest resistance, but after determining that my profession is 'useful' to them, an older officer orders that I not be harmed, provided I 'behave'... (I prefer for privacy reasons, not to discuss my profession). Anyway, I am taken outside and sort of 'corralled' with other Americans---I can hear the sounds of battle all around me, but to my surprise and horror, most of the fighting seems to be between the invaders, and armed American civilians---our own military seems to not have withstood the overwhelming attack for very much longer than a half hour or so!

I have had many of these dreams, especially in the last two years, and every time, I see Russian soldiers, paratroopers, tanks, jets, helicopters, and many atrocities. But you know what? We're tough---because after the occupation, I hear soldiers discussing all the time, about Alaskan civilian freedom fighters (who had been hunters), constantly giving these invaders an incredibly hard time. Apparently, these American 'guerrillas' are impossible for the Russians to eradicate and the Russians are constantly surprised and shocked by the continuous attacks on their forces. I'm sorry that I do not see an outcome to all of this, but my gut feeling is that we loose Alaska, possibly for good. And so clear and disturbing are these dreams, that my family and I are currently making plans to re-locate to the lower '48', as I also feel that my visions may come to pass, much sooner than any of us can imagine... I believe that the rest of the U.S. will suffer terribly as well, but my 'feeling' is, that we'll have a better chance down there.

Anchorage, Alaska

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