Geopolitical Machinations

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Date Host George Noory
Guests David Hagberg, Steve Quayle

David Hagberg, the author of numerous fast-paced international thrillers, appeared on Monday night's program. Eerily, he described events similar to 9/11 in Joshua's Hammer, which he wrote in 1998 and featured Osama bin Laden as a character. "All the signs were there," Hagberg said. Instead of waging war, he suggested one effective way to reduce terrorism would be for the US to launch a marketing campaign to convince the Islamic world that Americans are a friendly people.

"The first thing that passed into my mind was sabotage," said Hagberg when asked about the Columbia Shuttle disaster. "I could think of a thousand ways it could happen," but one way he delineated was via a plastic explosive hidden in the landing gear door that would be triggered by a pressure switch.

Hagberg speculated that within 25 years, humans at birth will have a small interface chip placed behind the ear. "It will be hard wired and the wires will grow biologically into the circuitry of your brain," he said. Thereafter it would allow people to connect up with a database similar to the Internet where they could access information.

Connecting the Terrorist Dots

Steve Quayle joined George for the first hour of Monday's show to discuss the latest turn of events in North Korea and the Middle East. "What people have to understand is that North Korea has been acquiring nuclear weapons for the last 47 years," he said. He believes that their recent timing to declare their nuclear capabilities is connected to the Middle East situation. "I am absolutely convinced this is way bigger than we can imagine," Quayle continued. Always an advocate for disaster preparedness, Quayle said "the minute you attack Iraq, it's going to release the gates of hell." He suggested that planted sleepers in this country would swing into action, and one of their main targets would be the destruction of the American economy.

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