Haunted in Brooklyn

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Elaine Mercado, Steve Quayle

It began with an ominous sense of being stared at said Elaine Mercado, who has documented her experiences living in a haunted home in Brooklyn in her book Grave's End. This Thursday night, she presented a spellbinding narrative of the disturbing events that occurred to her and her family. At first she simply heard names being called out and mumbling, but then she began to undergo "suffocating dreams" where it felt as though she was being pushed into the bed.

"We started seeing little orbs the size of a golf ball…bouncing along the ceiling," Mercado said. Her daughter was also experiencing odd phenomena, such as having water dumped on her and being hit by a gerbil cage that was floating in the air. While cleaning out a room, they found a very small white wedding dress wrapped in newspaper that had been stored inside a wall. Sometime after that a psychic visited the home and out-of-the-blue said she saw a little lady hiding under the stairs.

Eventually the famed ghost hunter Hans Holzer paid a visit to the home along with a medium named Marisa Anderson who declared there was a vortex going from the basement to the living room that was a well-worn spirit path. She also identified a crawl space in the basement that was filled with dirt as the site of a cave-in where five people were buried alive at some point before the home was there, and additionally perceived that the small woman from upstairs had committed suicide in the home. Mercado said the medium was able to successfully cleanse her home and the for the most part they were no longer troubled.

The War & SARS

Steve Quayle, bioterrorism and disaster preparedness expert, appeared on the first hour of Thursday's show to discuss new developments with the war and the SARS outbreak. "I believe it is a genetically altered bioweapon in the making," that got released by accident, Quayle said of the virus behind SARS. He also drew parallels between the current epidemic and the 1918 outbreak of the Spanish Flu which occurred during WWI.

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