Tales of Time Travelers

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Tales of Time Travelers


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    "In the year 3500, people will live to be 500-900 years old," said author and hypnosis expert Bruce Goldberg, who appeared on Monday's show. Sharing his experiences and case studies on time travel, Goldberg described meeting Traksa, a "chrononaut" from the future who travels back in time to aid in spiritual growth.

    Not only do time travelers journey to our era, but also to the ancient lands of Lemuria and Atlantis, Goldberg said. Through hypnotic sessions with a subject named "John," he learned of "electric wars," that took place in Lemuria, where "thousands of people were dematerialized at one time." A chrononaut named Taatos, Goldberg said, has traveled throughout history and served as an influential counsel to everyone from Moses to George Washington. Care to meet a time traveler from the future? Goldberg suggests this Fifth Dimension Exercise to access realms that exist out of chronological time.

    In our particular timeline, the far future is overwhelmingly positive, Goldberg believes. By the 24th century we'll swallow information pills for instant knowledge. Eventually, he said poverty and war will be eliminated, and citizens will only have to work 15 hours a week. Yet by the year 5000, our species will no longer exist in physical form, Goldberg said "because we'll have all ascended."

    Beyond the Year 3000

    Dr. Bruce Goldberg has collected case studies of people who say they were visited by time travelers from 1,000 to 3,000 years in our future. Pioneering out-of-body explorer, the late Robert Monroe, wrote of traveling to Earth, at a time beyond the year 3,000 in his book Far Journeys. While out of body, he was escorted by an INSPEC (intelligent species) and at first they viewed the planet from space. "Around the earth was a single flat ring, much like the ones around Saturn, and it was radiating and sparkling...from its own internal source," wrote Monroe. As they flew in closer, he noted there were no visible planes, ships, or people. However, there was a lush growth of trees and plants, some types of which he had never seen before.

    Monroe was told that the planet was occupied by far less people and those that were here were "H-plus" (humans-plus: indicating modifications from those of our present time). After they "landed," he encountered two INSPEC appearing as a man and woman. They said they stored the bodies they were wearing under a tree, and protected them with "reball," a resonant energy balloon. Monroe learned that though they were in the area formerly known as Virginia, the United States no longer existed. "Exactly what year is it?" he asked the couple. Time? "They gave up that kind of measuring somewhere after they reached the 3000 mark. Didn't need it anymore," he was told.

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