Manifestation Principles / Channeling Bashar

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Manifestation Principles / Channeling Bashar

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Stanford neurosurgeon and author James R. Doty, MD, has spearheaded research projects on compassion and altruism and their relationship to the brain. In the first half, he discussed the concept of manifestation, and practices that change our brain structures in beneficial ways. The idea of manifestation is not a new concept and was first associated in the first and second century with the Hermetics, and has progressed to the books of Napoleon Hill (like "Think and Grow Rich") and others in recent times, he noted. People have the power within their brain to change how they think, and ultimately to manifest their goals, he continued, though he cautioned that 'Law of Attraction' approaches can sometimes be too focused on purely material attainments. 

External factors such as wealth and status do not guarantee lasting happiness, and instead, cultivating internal happiness through self-awareness, mindfulness, and service to others leads to long-term fulfillment, Doty asserted. When you're in a calm state, you engage your parasympathetic nervous system, and that's when you're best able to manifest, he continued, as your cognitive brain networks can more efficiently file your intention in the subconscious. He recommended embedding your intention into the subconscious using all your sensory organs. As an example, you write down your intention, then read it silently, then read it aloud. After that, you visualize yourself in the position of the desired state, "and what happens," he said, "is the more this repetition occurs, the more neural circuitry gets stimulated, and this is why there's the saying 'that what fires together wires together.'"


For more than three decades, curious individuals have flocked to experience the unique channeling of Darryl Anka, who brings forth the non-physical ET being known as Bashar. In the latter half, Anka shared intriguing insights from Bashar, including his predictions for the future. Anka's journey into channeling began with UFO sightings in 1973, leading him to research and attend channeling seminars, where he first received a telepathic message from Bashar. Anka described channeling as a natural state associated with gamma brain waves, which can enhance receptivity to higher frequencies and connections to different levels of one's consciousness. 

Bashar hails from a parallel reality but is a kind of alien hybrid that is genetically related to humanity, and as such, his race wants to help us and ultimately join them in their Galactic Alliance, Anka detailed. Bashar exists in a fluid state of consciousness and can slide up and down the timeline, he explained. Over their years of contact, he has made predictions on occasion, and one of his latest is that around the end of 2026 or the beginning of 2027, there will be a major ET or UFO revelation that will convince most people that we are not alone in the cosmos. Bashar has said that space and time are illusions-- his civilization uses technology to isolate their spaceships within a force-field bubble and then they travel to a new location by imposing a specific vibration.

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