Delayed Contact

Delayed Contact


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsPhillip H. Krapf

Former LA Times editor Phillip H. Krapf shared his story of contact with the extraterrestrial race he called the "Verdants." Extracted by a "calming" beam of light from his bedroom in 1997, he said he found himself "standing in a strange sphere in front of some very strange creatures."

Krapf then described taking part in a conference with 11 of the slightly built, slanted eyed, be-robed Verdants, who said they hailed from a planet 14 million light years away (they traveled here using a "flicker drive" that allowed them to "jump" 5-6 million miles at a time). Their craft, which he observed over a three-day period, was a vast object, a mile and a half in diameter that was stationed behind the moon.

Krapf said he had been selected to write a "white paper" outlining who the Verdants were, in preparation for wide scale contact with the human race.He added that he was shown a list that contained the names of hundreds of other humans with credibility and influence who had been recruited to be "ambassadors" spreading the word about the contact beginning in 2002. But just as Krapf was gearing up for this new phase, on 9/11 2001, he received another visit from the aliens, informing him that because of the violent events of that day, the plan had been placed on hold indefinitely.

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