Full Moon Open Lines

Full Moon Open Lines


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsOpen Lines, Ryan Reynolds

It was Full Moon Open Lines this Friday night, and a number of callers reported that increased violence or unusual activities occurred during the full moon. For instance, a paramedic phoned in from his vehicle, describing his transporting of the corpses of two young men to the morgue, both of whom had been killed that night in separate accidents. Later, a Fast Blast message came in from a waitress named Melody, who said a man had just had a full blown heart attack at her station.

Dark tales also came in, including one from a man who said his father had previously been a Catholic priest. During those days he had an encounter with an evil being who came to see him in the confessional booth.

Intelligent Parrot

Friday's first hour guest, researcher Ryan Reynolds discussed how his parrot, a budgie name Victor, showed signs of higher order thinking through his use of language. "Victor would carry on [talking] for five minutes and it would all make sense," said Reynolds. Victor could communicate his emotional state through words, and in one sound clip (available on Reynolds' website), he reportedly referred to having stomach problems. Reynolds claims that many owners can't understand their parrots well enough, so the birds resort to mimicry rather than intelligent communication in order to get attention.

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The Rasping Demon

By Jerry

About 14 years ago, I still lived at home. One night my brother, who was about 15, was in my room and we were playing a game of Nerf basketball on a chilly March night. Everyone else in the family was gone for the evening. My brother and I were the only ones home. We received a phone call-- it was my brother's friend, Junior. They began conversing about a game of Dungeons & Dragons that they had been playing, and began talking about a demonic spirit that they had fought in the game with their characters.

Around that time they noticed a sound on the phone. They both began talking about the weird raspy noise that would come and go. I asked my brother to put the phone on speaker so I could hear it. He did, and to me it sounded like a person making a hard raspy out-breath. It was a haaaaaaaaaah type sound. I asked Junior if anyone was at home at his house and he swore that he was alone. I spoke to directly to the sound and told it to do it once for yes and twice for no, and then asked if it understood.

"Haaaaaaaaah," was the reply.

I eventually asked it if it had a name.

"Haaaaaaaaah," once again.

I told it I was going to count out loud and for it make the sound when I got to the number of letters that were in the creatures name. So I began counting 1...2...3 etc.

"Haaaaaaaaah," came over the phone when I reached 12. I then went through the alphabet abc...etc and it would make the noise when I got to the first letter of its name. Then I would start over for the second letter of its name. Eventually I got all 12 letters. It was a hard name to pronounce but I tried and asked it if that pronunciation was close enough.

"Haaaaaaaah," was the reply.

We asked the voice all sorts of yes or no questions that evening. Sometimes we would ask silly stuff, for instance, there was a basketball game on TV; and I asked the being if it could tell us who would win. It began making the haaaaaah sound over and over again very fast as if it were angry at the question.

After the newness of talking to the being wore off, I began to have a bad feeling about the situation. I , being older (25 at the time) and supposedly wiser, stepped in and told the boys that we needed to tell this creature to leave and never come back. That it was not wanted in our lives, nor on our telephone. We told it to do that and I asked it if it would leave.

It gave one final, "Haaaaah" as a reply and then was gone; or so I thought.

Several nights passed and my brother and his friend were talking on the phone again. This time I was away at work and knew nothing about what was going on. They asked over the phone line if the creature was still out there and wanted to talk to them again. It came back on the line with them. Eventually it began to speak to them in a real audible voice. It began to tell them things, and eventually began to threaten them. It told my brother that it was going to appear to him and kill him on the following day.

This frightened my brother badly but he told no one else about it. The next day he went outside to shoot some hoops on his basketball goal in the back yard. We lived in a rural area so there was some heavy forest just beyond the end of his basketball court. In the dark of the forest he noticed a light....it began glowing brighter and brighter and began to take the form of a being. He was sure that he was about to be killed so he ran back into the house and shook for the rest of the day.

Eventually the creature inserted itself into the lives of both my brother and his friend Junior. It even began to contact some of their other friends. Junior awoke one night to find himself sitting naked at the kitchen table, and before him was a piece of paper with a perfect sketch of a demonic being with glowing eyes. Junior was no artist, he could barely draw stick figures, but this drawing was a very good sketch in pencil.

One night my brother, Junior and their other good friends were camping and the creature appeared to them. It said that before that night ended it would pick one of them to possess and stated that it would be with that person forever, but would leave the rest of them alone. It began to ask each one in turn a question. My brother's question had to do with how far my car, Subaru, would jump if it were drive at a certain speed over a ramp of a certain length and angle. It asked him if my car could make that jump, and my brother guessed that it would. The creature told him he had passed and went on to the others. Each one he asked something and told them that they passed, until he got to a young boy named Brantley. Brantley answered his question and the creature responded, "You have answered wrongly, and I will be with you forever." With that the creature disappeared, and the boys were left stunned and frightened.

I didn't know anything about the additional appearances of the creature until many months had passed and my brother worked up his nerve to tell the tale. To this day he nor I like to speak of it. It still frightens me. I know that their mistake was inviting the creature back after I ordered it away the first night. I still feel some responsibility for what has happened since.

I went on to become a Police Officer. Brantley, the newly possessed boy, was arrested by my Department within 6 months of the event. He was caught breaking into a house and threatening the two old ladies that lived there. He went to prison and eventually got back out again, he had several charges for drugs later on, then eventually he shot his own father with a shotgun. He is back in prison at the moment.

My brother's friend Junior became a victim of substance abuse. He died of an overdose only a couple of months ago. Another victim of the being, a young boy named Sim, also died of a drug overdose.

My brother doesn't have any drug problems at this time and he seems to be the most untouched of all the others that were involved. When something bad happens to any of those boys I still think back to that raspy voice on the telephone, and wonder if perhaps it had a hand in all the things that have occurred in their lives. If I have to arrest Brantley, I do have compassion because I feel in my heart that he is compelled to do these awful things by something that exists inside of him.

This story, although very wild and unbelievable, is absolutely true. I can vouch for the voice on the phone. I heard it. I can vouch for how frightened those boys were. I also know that to this day the living ones are reluctant to speak of it. I am still a cop, a Sergeant over a shift of other cops now. This is just one of those things that I can neither hope to explain, nor make any real sense out of it.



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