Dowsing & Healing

Dowsing & Healing


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsRaymon Grace

Alternative healer Raymon Grace shared a variety of experiences he has had using personal energies and intent. He said over the last 30 years he has developed a dozen different healing techniques, and in one case he described, a man's steel plate in his back was transformed into a bone-like substance, after Grace sent a healing energy to him.

Using a pendulum (made out of a 9mm bullet!) as his dowsing tool, Grace said dowsing has become a way of life for him, and its uses go far beyond just locating water. For instance, he said, that using the same principles of dowsing, one can learn to see things in the energy field of the human body.

Grace discussed the Water Project he has been involved in, which seeks to energize and purify various water sources. In one instance, he said that arsenic levels of a water supply completely disappeared after intentional energies were sent to it. In an on-air experiment, Grace invited listeners to fill a glass of water, which he then sent out energies towards. A number of listeners subsequently reported relief from minor ailments after drinking the water.

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