Raymon Grace

Raymon Grace


Raymon Grace is a writer, dowser, lecturer and producer of instructional DVDs. His work includes clearing negative energies from people, animals, houses, schools, jails, a small town & other locations. His work also includes removing the spirits of those killed in accidents on the highway, shipwrecks of 150 years ago, Civil War battles and plane crashes. He uses dowsing to find and identify the various energies causing problems. He works with what he calls Spirit Helpers to remove the offending energies. His work can be summed up in few words. ALL THINGS ARE COMPOSED OF ENERGY, IF WE CAN INFLUENCE ENERGY, WE CAN CHANGE THE FUTURE. This work can be both sad and funny, but it is seldom dull.



Past Shows:

  • Predatory Capitalism/ Dowsing & Clearing

    In the first half, lecturer and former international 'economic hit man,' John Perkins, spoke about how the deadly economic cancer he helped spread has unfortunately become the dominant system of business, government, and society today. In the latter half, writer and dowser...More »
  • Clearing & Dowsing

    Dowser Raymon Grace talked about clearing negative energies, how dowsing works, using the power of intent, and his ability to energize water. First-hour guest, Dr. Geoffrey Simmons provided an update on cardiac arrest protocols.More »
  • Crop Circles & Anomalies

    Live from the U.K., investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe and various witnesses and researchers, shared news about recent crop formations and associated anomalies in the Wiltshire, England area. First hour guest, dowser Raymon Grace talked about the power of intention...More »
  • Expelling Entities

    Lecturer and expert dowser Raymon Grace discussed his process for cleansing spaces & individuals of negative entities.More »
  • Energizing Water

    Returning to the show, Raymon Grace discussed his efforts with energizing water for healing and other beneficial purposes. Sharing his methodology, he explained that he is able to analyze water content using a pendulum, and that sometimes negative energy or spirits need to be...More »
  • Dowsing & Healing

    Alternative healer Raymon Grace shared a variety of experiences he has had using personal energies and intent. He said over the last 30 years he has developed a dozen different healing techniques, and in one case he described, a man's steel plate in his back was transformed into...More »

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