Cultural Evolution

Cultural Evolution


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsHoward Bloom

Paleopsychologist Howard Bloom discussed the science of cultural evolution and how pendulum swings between repression and expression can fuel creativity. Humanity is like the "compound eye" vision of an insect, he noted, with each person keying in on different elements of society.

Bloom revealed he is not necessarily opposed to the notion of a one-world government, as he thinks it's the best chance for planetary peace, and the alternative to that may be a "Mad Max" scenario. When competition stops becoming violent (as in wars), it can thrive in an economic environment, he said, citing post-war Japan's excelling in electronic goods as an example.

Bedridden for many years, Bloom announced that his health has improved somewhat and he's recently been able to give several public lectures and keynote speeches.

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