Nephilim & the Apocalypse

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Nephilim & the Apocalypse


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    Irish author Patrick Heron shared his contention that the ancient race of nephilim (whom he defined as fallen angels) built the pyramids of Giza and other ancient wonders. He characterized the nephilim as evil "spirit men" who transcended the boundaries of physical science and served as the inspiration for Roman and Greek mythology.

    The nephilim were consigned to a "subterranean prison" or an underworld, he declared, but the book of Revelation says this "pit of the abyss is going to be opened once more," and the nephilim will be released to cause destruction. What we're seeing now is the "shadow of the apocalypse," he continued.

    Heron suggested that we're heading into the "end times," and a 7-year period of final tribulation could occur in our lifetimes. The sinking of the island of La Palma in the Canaries, triggering an enormous tsunami along the East Coast of America, is one of the calamitous events that may happen during this period, according to his interpretation of Revelation's scripture.

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