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The Shults Report

Date Saturday - January 22, 2005
Host Art Bell
Guests Charles Shults III

Scientist Sir Charles Shults III offered his commentary on a variety of topics, including robotic soldiers, hurricane modification, and orbital solar power stations.

Shults believes the recent development of robotic soldiers by the U.S. Army could be a "more humane" way to wage war. According to Shults, armed robots would give their human operators more time to examine a situation, and to decide who should and should not be targeted. The future, Shults speculated, will likely include intelligent vehicular robots within the next 3-5 years, as well as small stealthy robots capable of gathering intelligence and delivering offensive hardware.

Regarding hurricane modification, Shults presented three strategies that could be used to defuse or deflect hurricanes. The most effective technique, Shultz theorized, would involve beaming microwaves at the ocean from an orbital solar power station. The microwave beam would increase the temperature of the water around the hurricane, allowing it to be directed out to colder open seas where, Shults said, it would eventually die out. He also discussed tsunamis, dirty bombs, and the latest findings from Titan.

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