Remote Viewing Targets

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Remote Viewing Targets


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    Remote Viewer in the Army's Stargate Project and psychic, Joseph McMoneagle discussed his history with remote viewing as well as some of the targets he's worked on. He stressed the importance of the protocol-- the remote viewer and anyone in the room must be totally blind to the target during data collection. There are three stages in remote viewing, he detailed: calming the mind (such as through meditation), opening to the target, and transferring the info into a useable product.

    McMoneagle described some of the remote viewing work he's done for Japanese TV shows: A Japanese camera team arrives in his home in Virginia, delivering targets-- the names of missing persons in sealed envelopes. In these instances, he reported having an 88% accuracy rating, with the information he provided leading to the location of 13 out of 26 missing targets he was given.

    In relation to terrorism, he said that "radiological material" has been moved into the US across the southern border, but those in possession of it currently have no means for weaponizing it. He also discussed his remote viewing of aliens whom he saw in a ship that was a combination of biomaterial and metal. They were difficult to comprehend, yet share some genetic similarities with humans, he noted. Additionally, McMoneagle reported viewing ruins on Mars, such as an area where something like a grove of trees once stood.

    Hubble Update

    First half-hour guest, Richard C. Hoagland offered commentary on NASA's recent decision to send a Shuttle mission to repair the Hubble telescope in 2008. The astronauts will not be within range of the International Space Station, so the mission comes with additional risks, he noted.

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