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Extreme Athletes & The Paranormal

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Date Host Ian Punnett
Guests Maria Coffey

Adventurer and author Maria Coffey discussed the profound paranormal experiences of extreme athletes, such as ghost encounters, precognition, and telepathy. In discussing her research, she noted that, "time and time again, when I was talking to all different kinds of athletes, they would express relief that somebody had actually given them permission to talk about this."

According to Coffey, one type of experience that extreme athletes encountered was a phenomenon dubbed the "third man on the rope," where mountain climbers would sense, or even see, an additional member of their party. This mysterious presence was described as either some sort of "spirit of the mountain" or ghosts of other climbers who had previously succumbed to the elements. Often this entity acts as a guide, she said, sharing one story of an ice climber who had suffered a treacherous accident and was led to safety by following a mysterious blue light in front of him.

Other odd phenomena experienced by extreme athletes included dreams of the future. Coffey recounted tales of base jumpers and mountain climbers who foresaw their own demise or the death of one of their fellow adventurers. Additionally, she talked about "soul riding," a euphoric feeling reported by snow boarders that was experienced and studied by an English vicar who described it as a "raw spiritual experience."

Towards the end of the program, she also discussed telepathy being a part of these paranormal experiences during extreme conditions. Coffey told an amazing story of a culturally diverse mountain crew that encountered a harrowing blizzard. Communicating via radio, they navigated the terrain safely. Upon returning to base camp, they listened to a recording of their conversation and were astonished to hear that they had all been speaking their native languages, yet understood each other perfectly.

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