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Energy Zappers

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During Open Lines, George offered a hotline for callers with stories about 'psychic vampires.' Chad in Birmingham, Alabama recalled when he was a teen and his best friend got pregnant and married a abusive man with the ability to focus his energy-draining powers. Chad said whenever people tried to confront the man, his eyes would change and he would deplete them of their strength. Earl in California told George his grandfather could zap energy from a person and cause headaches, dizziness and, sometimes, fever. The only cure was for his grandfather to put saliva on his thumb and make a cross on the forehead or stomach of those whose energy was taken.

Ted, a recent geology graduate living in Silicon Valley, spoke at some length against the abiotic oil theory. According to Ted, if the planet's oil supply is being replenished, then it is happening at a negligible rate because pressure in the wells is not also increasing. Notorious repeat caller J.C. phoned in to rant for the first time in several months. The last half hour was a replay from 11/8/07 featuring Ghost Whisperer star Jennifer Love Hewitt and ghostbuster Mary Ann Winkowski, who serves as a consultant for the CBS television show.

Night Vision UFOs

In the first hour, Ed Grimsley talked about utilizing night vision binoculars to spot UFOs. He said he first witnessed UFOs battling in the night skies with laser weapons when he was a teenager. Grimsley claims to see a number of craft every time he goes out, and believes there is no naturally-occurring phenomena that can adequately explain what he is witnessing. He currently uses 3rd generation military-grade PV7 night vision goggles (estimated cost between $3000-$4000) to watch for UFOs.

George discussed his own experiences with night vision goggles and said he was "mesmerized" by the two UFOs he saw last Saturday in San Jose (photo). Also, check out Coast listener Zohaib's photo montage (pictured) of George's night vision UFO sighting.

Al-Zawahiri Killed?

Appearing at the start of the program, Douglas Hagmann of the Northeast Intelligence Network commented on reports that al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri may be critically wounded or possibly dead. Get more details at CBS News.

Home, Wife for Sale

George spoke briefly with Deven Trabosh, a Florida resident who is offering her four-bedroom house in West Palm Beach and a shot at marrying her on an auction website. Read more at Ananova.

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