Black Friday Open Lines

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Black Friday Open Lines

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During Open Lines, George offered a special "Who Saved You" hotline for people to share their tales of survival. Bob from Indiana told the story of cheating death while on a trip with his brothers to the Grand Canyon. Hiking along the side of canyon, he twisted his ankle and nearly plummeted over the edge of the two mile high trail. At the last moment, his brother grabbed his ankle and pulled him back up to stable ground. "That was the most amazing thing that he was there at that moment or I would have died," Bob said.

Mary in Sault St. Marie, Ontario, Canada recounted a terrifying tale of near-death which may have culminated in divine intervention. Married to an abusive husband at the time, she found herself attacked by him and he attempted to hang her. In what could have been her last moments, she thought, "God, please help me." Immediately following that, a "huge knock came to the door ... this knock vibrated through the whole apartment and through my body. To this day, I still feel it." Her husband stopped trying to hang her and went to investigate, whereupon he saw that there was no one at the door and no footsteps in the light snow that had accumulated outside. This momentary distraction quelled the murder attempt that night and Mary would escape the marriage soon afterwards.

The final half hour of the show was a replay of George's 11/8/2007 interview with Ghost Whisperer star Jennifer Love Hewitt and Mary Ann Winkowski, who serves as a consultant to the show.

Just Say Hu

During the first hour, Michael & Nicole Sebastian, The Dream Dudes, discussed the 'Just Say Hu Technique.' Nicole described Hu (pronounced "Hue") breathing as "simply a vibrational resonance technique that any individual can use ... you just inhale and on the exhale you say Hu." The duo suggested people incorporate the technique into their everyday lives in order to "build inner strength, empowerment, and to rearrange their subatomic structure to change their state of consciousness."


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