The Worlds of Dean Koontz

The Worlds of Dean Koontz


HostIan Punnett

GuestsDean Koontz

Ian Punnett welcomed bestselling suspense novelist Dean Koontz, who discussed his latest work and reflected on his writing career. He described the creative process as the key motivator behind his prolific catalog of books, "it's like you feel in tune with a higher power. It's exhilarating. ... That's why I get so much work done, because I'd rather be doing this than almost anything else."

Koontz detailed his latest book Your Heart Belongs to Me, calling it a "paranoid thriller." The premise, he said, revolves around a character who receives a heart transplant and then is tormented by a woman claiming ownership of the heart and demanding it back. He noted that the main character in the book is a departure from his usual leading players in that, "mostly in my books, I use people in ordinary walks of life ... but in this case it had to be a guy who had the world by a string." Koontz explained that this allowed him to then "play with the idea of losing it all, which is an eternal theme of fiction."

Throughout the evening, Koontz also shared stories from his rich life experiences as an acclaimed author. Reflecting on the many book signings he has taken part in, he pointed out a recurring reaction from the book store owners who host him. Very often, he said, they are surprised by the pleasant nature of his audience. "I guess they're thinking that my books should have corrupted them all, but the opposite seems to have happened," Koontz mused.

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